Power Window Engineering


I've decided to add 3 point seat belts to all four seats strictly from a safety standpoint. Lap belts were never that good in my opinion.

The mount for the front seat retractor where the rear window crank is in the rear seating area. Engineering this will be easier since at this time the quarter panel was not installed.

This means the rear window crank has to go. The solution: POWER WINDOWS! There are kits out ther for early Mustangs but that wouldn't be any fun would it. Its more fun to engineer something from scratch using parts that I can actually get a parts store or wrecking yard if they should every break.

For the rear windows I decided to use the window crank assembly from a 1996 Ford Taurus rear door. Lord knows there's enough Taurus's in the wrecking yards.

The first obstacle is that the gear and arm relationship to each other isn't going to work in my application so they are separated.

Then swing the arm around to the correct spot.

Tack weld it and try it in the car to see if that will work. The two pieces of tape on the right side is where the arm neesds to be for full up and full down window operation.

Finding final location for the motor and making a template for the other side.

Then mounting the motor assembly.

Since the Taurus arm has a different system to attach to the window itself than what Ford used in the 60s I needed new donor arms just for the ends. I got these out of a 66 Comet.

Some cutting, bending welding and we have a new L shaped bracket to attach to the guide channel and the window.