Passenger Side Floor Repairs

Now that the drivers side floorpan is complete we move to the passenger side.  The extent of the rust damage is the same on that side as well therefore the same repairs will be made as outlined in the drivers side.

This is the floorpan the plywood under the carpet was reinforcing (or replacing I guess is a better word).

Again its hard to see here but there is no material left near the right hand edge of the floorpan where it meets the rocker panel.  The rust continued into the rocker rotting out everything.  The view is much different if you lay on the floor under the car and look up.

Time to start the removal of floorpan, torque box and outer cowl.

This shows the addtional structure under the seat pan that only convertibles had in 1966.

At this point I wanted to start fitting new pieces before removing the remainder of the rocker panels to maintain alignment later.