Floor Repairs Continued...

We can now start to fit the toe board which connects the firewall to the floorpan.  Note the recessed area in the middle to allow for brake and clutch pedal travel.

Now things start to take shape!  The floorpan can now be fitted and welded.

The real test of how things have moved is reinstalling the seat saddle and seeing if it fits.  Lots of careful measuring and precautions to keep things from moving seem to have paid off.

The firewall repair and side cowl have now been welded in.

Time for a little primer to keep it from rusting again.  This is PPG DP-50 etching primer.

This looks a lot better than what came out of here!  I've sandblasted the back side of the firewall and sprayed primer in that area as well.  The factory barely got anything up under the dash.

A shot of the rear torque box.

I haven't installed the outer rocker yet because I want to do it with the front fender and door hung to ensure proper positioning.

Time to move onto the passenger side.