In the Beginning...

Life for this convertible started out on March 28, 1966 in the Dearborn assembly plant.  It was originally a 289 cu. inch four barrell, four speed car with Emberglow paint and standard parchment interior.  I was lucky enough to find this car locally and bought it from the original owner.  However the ravages of time have taken their toll on this car and it requires extensive metalwork to bring it back to life.  All is not lost though for most parts are available for early Mustangs.


This is the original home for this car.  A friend of mine had come with me to pick it up.

This is why the floor is so rusty.  The car sat outside for several years and the sun baked the plastic rear window to a point where the window collapsed and allowed rain and snow to enter.

The weather really made a mess of the interior.  The carpet held the moisture and rotted the floors and rocker panels.

Everything in the interior needs to be replaced.

After sitting in the sun for so long the paint oxidized till it turned chalky.


Like all engines this old a layer of grime and dust prevails.